Lakota Gifted Education

In the state of Ohio, there is NO mandate to provide gifted services. The only mandate is that school districts identify gifted children.

Lakota has prioritized services and resources as a need for identified students and offers services at certain grade levels. 

To learn more about Gifted Services in our district, see the links below or visit the Gifted Services webpage.

Lakota's Handbook for Gifted Services

Lakota's Gifted Identification Model

​Lakota's Gifted FAQ

Lakota's Acceleration Procedures

(see more about Acceleration under LEADS Resources)

Lakota's Parent Resources


What is gifted? How is it defined? What does the testing tell me? What are the social-emotional implications for my child--and our family?

Discovering the answers to these questions and so much more is truly a journey over time.

Don't get overwhelmed with the jargon, numbers, literature and resources available. Remember just like any child, there is no "one size fits all" approach!

Use these links to begin discovering more about gifted children, and reach out to others to help guide you--through LEADS, the classroom, Ohio Association for Gifted Children and via online and social media.

Hoagie's Gifted 101

Definitions of Giftednedness

Characteristics of a Gifted Child

Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted


As a parent with a child who's been identified, you don't know what you don't know about navigating the world of gifted. So LEADS has compiled some information and resources to support you along the way.

Still anxious to connect with someone who's been down that path? Email our President or plan to attend our next Parent Connect session. Also, contact your Building Principal or Gifted Intervention Specialist (GIS) and see if their is a LEADS Building Coordinator you can talk with.

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