Before you begin

The Write Challenge

The Write Challenge is an annual writing contest for students within the Lakota Local School District. The contest is hosted by Lakota LEADS.

This year's theme:


1.  the quality or state of being proud: such as

  • reasonable self-esteem: confidence and satisfaction in oneself: self-respect
  • pleasure that comes from some relationship, association, achievement, or 
    possession that is seen as a source of honor, respect, etc.
  • exaggerated self-esteem: conceit

2.  respect and appreciation for oneself and others as members of a group and especially a             marginalized group

3.  a source of pride: a person or thing that makes you feel proud

4.  the most active, thriving, or satisfying stage or period: prime

5.  a group of lions living together


Thank you to all of this year's entries. They were all well done and a pleasure to read.

Click here to read this year's Write Challenge Anthology.


  • Contest is open to students K-12 who reside in the Lakota District.

  • Entries are due:
    Sunday, March 12, 2023

  • Entries must be original and cannot have been previously puiblished

  • Entries may be a poem, narrative, or essay
  • Winners will receive an award, their writing will be published in an anthology, and they will be honored at a reception in the Spring

See entry form for all details